The URwatair project invites citizens to participate in air quality monitoring and rainwater management with the aim of improving their quality of life. At this stage it is addressed to citizens of the Municipalities of Thessaloniki and Kalamaria. Citizens by participating in training seminars on rainwater management and ways to record and monitor air quality, are invited to formulate, together with educators, basic scenarios for improving their daily lives in the urban environment.

The environment plays a crucial role in human life. The climate in urban areas is influenced by elements of the built environment, with building potential, transport infrastructure and urban planning being some of the most important factors. As a result we have the changes in the average humidity level and the amount of rain, the emission of various gaseous pollutants, but also the change and the restrictions on the natural movement of the atmospheric air.

Climate change puts additional pressures on the urban environment, affecting even more elements such as average rainfall and energy consumption for heating or air conditioning, as well as the penetration into the urban flora of species with an aggressive extension character and allergenic action.