Sustainable Greek School Programme:“we all care, we are all involved”.

The Sustainable Greek School Programme is one of the most important initiatives of the Council for Environmental Education. It is a programme that promotes the philosophy of sustainability in the school. A school is considered sustainable if through its organization, existence and operation, it can be a model of good practice for both students and society, to provide students with knowledge and to cultivate skills for them to become active members of society capable of tackling environmental and social problems and shaping the future in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

The Sustainable Greek School programme tries to activate mechanisms for the transformation of the school into a sustainable one. The holistic approach of the school as an organization is adopted so that the teachers are encouraged to gradually get involved in the transformation processes of their school and to follow the course of the changes brought about by the sustainability of the school.

In this context, the introduction of sustainability in the school is organized around eight pillars, in order to encourage teachers to be involved in their school transformation processes and to monitor their progress towards sustainability, based on categorized-specific pillars with the relevant criteria Immediately below are the proposed eight pillars of sustainability.
1st Pillar: Democracy and participation
2nd Pillar: Promoting Learning
3rd Pillar: Promotion of arts and culture
4th Pillar: Sustainable building and courtyard
5th Pillar: Energy saving / travel policy
6th Pillar: Saving resources
7th Pillar: Promoting Health
8th Pillar: From the local to the planetary scale
The Pedagogical and Scientific team of the Program produces educational material, organizes workshops, seminars, summer universities and conferences, seeks the interaction of the schools of the program with each other and discreetly supports the schools that wish it.

The programme is implemented with the support of the A.G. Leventis Foundation.

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