Network of Organizations & Citizens for the Historic Centre of Athens

The Historic Centre, the heart of Athens, where history is evident in streets, buildings, monuments, squares, shops, people, and their memories, has for years now been increasingly deteriorating. Seeking better quality of life, many people leave the centre for the suburbs, which become huge, creating a stranglehold around the city.

Today, abandonment and degradation – insecurity, noise, crime, exploitation, occupation of open spaces, unregulated commercial activity, arbitrariness, and aesthetic deterioration – prevail in the degraded Historical Centre.

With ELLET’s coordination, the Network of Organizations & Citizens for a Liveable Historic Centre brings together organizations from all historic neighbourhoods seeking to reverse present degradation, in close cooperation with the municipality.

The response has been immediate and impressive. Civil-society groups from around the Historical Centre are actively involved, discussing problems, solutions, and proposals. Groups of experts, planners, lawyers, and urban architects, are working voluntarily in order to upgrade the most historical city in Europe through concerted efforts to promote necessary measures to the municipality and the Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy, including:

  • Strict control of terms and conditions of land use approvals for any authorized activity under the existing provisions of Presidential Decree
  • Promoting cleanliness in the public space and improving the image of the Historical Centre by addressing all kinds of pollution, as well as by cleaning building facades
  • Constant control of noise pollution
  • Immediate works of structural support for the facades and roofs of dilapidated listed buildings
  • Control of vehicle traffic and parking irregularities, while supporting Sustainable Mobility.