The Council for Architectural Heritage (SAΚ) of ELLINIKI ETAIRIA – Society for Environment and Cultural Heritage participates in the European programme IRC-HERMeS (InterRegional Cultural Heritage Management e-System) in collaboration with the University of Cyprus, the Research Center “Athena” the non-governmental organization “Auleda” in Albania and four cities in three Balkan countries.

The Old Town of Corfu and Vathi Samos in Greece, Argyrokastro in Albania and Ohrid in North Macedonia, were selected as sites inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, thanks to their exceptional cultural heritage, their historic buildings and their dynamic prospects for touristic development.

Historic buildings and monuments of those four cities are being recorded in order to safeguard and to shape a common strategy for the preservation and promotion of their cultural heritage.

SAK is responsible for the scientific groups’ training for the architectural and historical documentation of the 4 cities and for promoting this work in Greece in order to showcase the high importance of an organised documentation of the cultural heritage.

The first brochure was published in printed and electronic form in November 2020, the registration of the four historic cities was completed in 2021 and the next step is the organization of seminars that will be addressed to both professionals and the general public. Their aim is to raise awareness of local communities about the value of the architectural wealth of each region but also to highlight the need for strategic planning to protect them.

A valuable experience for us is the cooperation with our neighbors, for the preservation of the cultural heritage that unites us!