Quality of Life (SYMPOZO)

Ellet-Quality of Life (SYMPOZO)


The main objective of the Council for the Quality of Life Council is to promote local agricultural products, to provide information about the particularities of agricultural production and to promote the Greek traditional Mediterranean diet as a modern way to achieve a healthy and balanced diet.
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The Mediterranean diet, in addition to being healthy, is also environmentally friendly as it uses both simple and complex traditional foodstuffs.

One of the environmental “pros” of this diet is the fact that the products are consumed very close to the place they were produced, with a minimal energy footprint from transportation. It should be noted that cultivating local products not only contributes to biodiversity but also to providing employment for the people living in the region. There is also an urgent need to make the cultural value of local food production better known.

The main event organised by SYMPOZO is “Producers’ Saturday” which gives organic producers from all over the country the opportunity to come and present their products to the public and talk about the difficulties they face and the deep satisfaction they feel in their work.