Institutional Framework (STHEP)

Ellet-Institutional Framework (STHEP)


The Council for the Institutional Framework was established in 2002 with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the institutional protection of the natural and built environment of Greece.
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The Council works systematically to ensure the enforcement and improvement of environmental laws and procedures which are currently in force:

  • Intervenes by all lawful means when a case of infringement of the Constitution or the law is observed
  • Examines systems of management of environmental matters and management of environmental crises and submits relevant proposals to the state and political parties
  • Organizes events open to the public for the dissemination of information on current or topical issues. Cooperates closely with the other committees of the Society, other NGOs and scientific bodies in Greece.
  • Participates in European (LIFE, LIFE Intergrated Project, Interreg) and national programmes, either as coordinator or as a partner.

Institutions and topics where we have intervened to date or have contributed to an effective settlement for the environment or with which we have been concerned and have submitted proposals are:

  • Foundation of the Parliamentary Environmental Committee
  • Establishment of an autonomous Ministry of the Environment
  • Ratification of the Aarhus international convention for environmental information
  • Revision of Article 24 of the Constitution
  • Campaign to prevent the diversion of the Acheloos river
  • National and particular land planning (e.g. land planning for tourism)
  • Methods of energy conservation, energy planning and climate change, bioclimatic architecture
    Execution of judicial decisions by the Civil Service
  • Open spaces and green areas
  • Smart cities
  • Environmental tax reform
  • Building in areas outside town planning zones and cessation of illegal construction activity, sustainable investment and non-reversible construction
  • Forest maps