Greek Paths of Culture (SMOP)

Ellet-Greek Paths of Culture (SMOP)


The Council for Greek Paths of Culture was established in 2017 following the success and significant expansion of the "Greek Paths of Culture" Programme activities.
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The aim of the Council is to promote hiking tourism in Greece as an important tool
a/ for sustainable development and innovation
b/to raise public awareness of the value of the environment and the need to protect both the landscape and Greece’s cultural heritage – both of which represent comparative advantages for our country.

The activities of the Council include:

  • Implementing the “Greek Paths of Culture” Programme’s activities
  • Liaising with the competent institutional bodies to promote hiking and participating in the public debate and relevant consultations with documented proposals / interventions.
  • Communicating and networking with important hiking organisations in Greece and abroad.
  • Creating a platform for discussing and promoting hiking tourism as a tool for sustainable development in Greece.