Events & Members (SEME)

Ellet-Events & Members (SEME)


The Council for Events and Members (SEME) was created in 2000 by Lydia Carras with the aim of making the multifaceted and long-term work of ELLET known to the general public and expanding its circle of friends and members.
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The Council for Events and Members undertakes the following activities:

• They organise and coordinate annual events such as the Christmas Bazaar and the “Tsiknopempti” celebration of Carnival  which are run by ELLET.

• They also organise cultural walks and excursions to monuments and historical sites as well as lectures and round table discussions on specific issues relating to culture and environment.

• SEME is also responsible for ELLET’s ongoing contact with its members, informing them of any new actions and new issues that ELLET is working on.