Environmental Education (SPE)

Ellet-Environmental Education (SPE)


An important part of ELLET's action is the spread of its basic principles and values to society. The need for education and awareness of children and adults was obvious. For this purpose, the Council for Environmental Education (SPE) was created in 1997.
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The objectives of the SPE are:

  1. The raising of awareness of local communities and the development of respect for the cultural and environmental heritage of each place.
  2. The creation and implementation of education and awareness programs for all ages.
  3. The education and training of teachers through seminars, workshops, lectures, summer universities, etc.
  4. The development of educational material for Sustainability.

In more detail:

i/ The encouragement of schools to undertake actions aimed at Sustainable Development through the Sustainable Greek School program is an important initiative of the Environmental Education Council of ELLET. To date, more than 270 primary and secondary schools throughout Greece have participated in the program. Schools aim to transform themselves into Sustainable by implementing actions throughout the school year even during periods when it is not possible to implement several programs (eg quarantine).

ii/ In the actions that take place, emphasis is given to the participation of both the local community and the students. In this context, programs are carried out to reduce plastic bags and other disposable plastics in combination with coastal cleaning in various Aegean islands (Sikinos, Amorgos, Astypalea, Leros, Patmos, etc.). In addition to raising awareness of island areas, similar actions are being implemented in areas of Athens of particular environmental and historical importance.

iii/ The Environmental Education Council is also responsible for the production of educational material for students and teachers of all levels of education as well as for the organization of teachers’ seminars. At the same time, since 1997, a variety of educational programs have been designed for students and are implemented by the associates of SPE in the building of ELLET, in schools but also in areas of environmental, historical, and archaeological interest.

iv/ One of the most important recent goals of SPE is raising the awareness of adults and the active participation of more citizens in more environmental education and awareness programs. That’s why SPE created a program of short workshops aimed at developing good, environmentally friendly, habits in the office or in the workplace in general.

“Spaceship Earth” (1973), one of the first environmental education actions of ELLET, is the first educational film on the environment in our country