Campaign for conservation of abandoned buildings


Since 2016, ELLET has been working with legal and financial advisors and with the advisory support of Mr. Konstantinos Menoudakos, former president of the Council of State, to draft a new Law that will address the problem of abandoned buildings, proven to represent a major problem in Greece, consequently on Kastoria and the Kambos of Chios having been included on Europa Nostra’s List of 7 Most Endangered in consequence of which serious omissions in the Greek institutional framework were identified.

In order to avoid the destruction and further degradation of our architectural heritage, and also to revitalise historic areas both socially and economically, ELLET proposes that a Law should be drafted with the aim of restoring abandoned historic buildings so they can be used for suitable activities and become functional again without the need for expropriation and altering ownership.

The Draft Law defines procedures for revitalising and reopening both abandoned listed buildings and abandoned buildings in protected areas and specifies the procedures for their operation by the Municipality. The draft law is aimed at restoring these buildings and putting them back to use without the owners losing their property rights, always within the framework of their obligations not to act to the detriment of the quality of the natural, residential and social environment.

The Draft Law proposes the agencies which will carry out the above projects and will enjoy the use of the property until the costs of restoration have been met. Possible sources of funding from private, community or national resources are also suggested.

ELLET’s scientific team is ready to cooperate with the competent public authorities to help establish a realistic and implementable legal framework and is also proposing to test the provisions of the Draft Law on abandoned historic buildings in Athens, with the city’s support.

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