Acropolis Garden - Children’s Playground

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Since 2016, ELLET has been working on the restoration and renovation of the abandoned Acropolis Garden so that it can be reopened as a playground as well as a free recreation space for all ages, something that is missing from the historic centre of Athens.

2016: Together with allied citizens’ organisations (Plaka Residents Initiative Committee, Network of Organisations and Citizens for the Historic Center), ELLET mobilised specialists and sponsors and commissioned a preliminary design from architects based in Plaka.

2017: The preliminary design was presented to the Municipality of Athens which owns the space.

Basic principles of the design are respect for the historical environment and highlighting the space’s proximity to the Acropolis.

Natural materials were selected and an emphasis was placed on children being able to interact with natural elements (soil, water), on encouraging free play and on allowing children to participate in the cultivation of a small herb garden. Children are separated into preschool and school age areas through the choice of equipment that corresponds to these ages. Also, the existing upper area of the space is set out so that events such as film screenings and theatrical performances can be held there.

2018: A celebration was organised in the Acropolis Garden that included traditional games, a fairy tale in song with Dionysis Savvopoulos, a Karagiozis shadow puppet show from the Haridimou Troupe and other original activities. There was an impressive turn out from both the local community and from other areas and there was also a touching effort from a grandfather… who got together with his friends and collected 100 Euros which he handed over to the neighboring Church of St Nicholas (Ag. Nikolaou Rangava).

2019: The proposal for the restoration and renovation of the Acropolis Garden was completed and presented to residents and to the competent authorities.

2020: The Act4Greece partnership with the National Bank of Greece to collect the funds needed for the final studies was begun, but was ham-strung by the coronavirus outbreak… The work for additional studies was allocated to renowned designers.

2021: January – Design studies were completed with the kind sponsorship of: G. Fokas, K. Goulimis, F. Potamianos and submitted to the Mayor’s office.

ELLET, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Athens, are searching for the company that will sponsor the implementation work for the renovation of the Acropolis Garden and its equipment.

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